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Who We Are!

My name is Tyler Benik. At the young age of 19, I started my business to serve a need I saw so many businesses needed...Online Marketing. I've always had a marketing mind and was blessed to be born into the 21st century and embraced the internet and technology. Mixing these two things together has allowed me to bring a service to many people to provide them solutions to the challenges in their business. After a few months of studying and coming up with ideas, I started with my first client in 2016. I worked as hard as I could and put my ideas to the test to help this client to increase their sales through social media. It turned out to be a massive success and the snowball started. Fast forward to today, I have over 20 clients that I work with on their websites, marketing, design, social media, email marketing, text marketing, and more!  


As I grew my business, I also found a passion and burning desire to help more people and businesses too. With being a full-time marketing person, I found what brought the most beneficial results. A challenge I faced was that I saw so many other businesses that needed help too, but not everyone needed or wanted a full marketing plan, but they all needed a few "meat and potatoes" things that bring the most results. That is where ReviewRIZE was born.


I love what I do and look forward to each day to help more people with new ideas. Thank you for your time to learn more about what I do. There is a lot to what I do and I'd be happy to talk more with you. My contact info is below!


Tyler Benik


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