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Your Reputation Is More Important Than Ever!

Review & Reputation Management Software

Take Control. Build Trust. Get More Customers!

Why Reviews Matter?

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- 95% of people search for local businesses online.

- 91% read online reviews about local businesses.

- Most consumers look at 2+ reviews before making a decision.

- 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

- 73% of consumers think that reviews older than 3 months aren't relevant.


Get More REAL 5-Star Reviews 

The total number of reviews you have matters, especially if that number happens to be zero. Make it easy for your clients & customers to give you 5-Star reviews and outpace your competitors.


Keep Your Reviews Fresh & Frequent

Never stop getting new reviews because 73% of consumers believe that reviews older than 3 months are not relevant.


Improve Your Rankings

Show up near the top on google and other review sites so you show up before the competition and reach the customer first!

Boost Your Average Rating Everywhere!

Increase your businesses average star ratings across sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp! and everywhere else clients & customers are finding you.

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STOP Bad Reviews In Their Tracks

Protecting your reputation isn’t just about getting more positive reviews, it’s about stopping most bad reviews before they get posted.


Review Monitoring & Alerts

Know about your reviews as they get posted so you can CELEBRATE positive reviews and RESPOND to negative feedback before it does harm.


Case Study: Who Would You Call First?

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Who would you call first if you were looking for a Landscaper in the Dallas area? The google maps 3 pack is something you've likely seen before when searching for businesses and services online. Just like you searching on google, you're customers are too!

There are several factors you may notice when looking at these businesses. You want to work with good businesses so you are going to look at the average rating and the total number of reviews for each business. The number 1 listing has no reviews so it is likely you're not going to call them first. The 2nd has a 4.7 average rating with 26 reviews and the 3rd has a 3.6 average rating with 16 reviews. So...who would you call first? It is clear that the number 2 listing will most likely be your first call.

The Importance Of Google

Google should be one of the most important focuses in your business. Further than just regular website SEO. Local SEO is much more important. Focusing on your reviews is the best solution for ranking higher on Google and getting more leads and customers.


Take a look at the statistics here for a restaurant client. 17.8k views in a 30 day period with 1.08K customer actions/leads. On google maps listings, your average rating and number of reviews show up with every view. 

Imagine your business getting nearly 18k views. You can see that it is IMPERATIVE that you have a high number of reviews and average rating. Even if you had less like 10k or 5k views, the impacts are still huge with the number of people seeing your business and taking action to learn more about your business or contact you. 

Google is typically the most important, but there are several other review sites that bring in a considerable amount of views and leads like Facebook, Yelp, and other industry specific review sites such as Zillow for real estate or TripAdvisor for hospitality businesses. 

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What Is ReviewRIZE & How Does It Work?

ReviewRIZE is a software and service that finally provides you the solution you need to manage your online reputation and increase your rankings on search engines. Rather than just giving you a software, we work with you to make sure you get the results you desire and deserve. We provide you with strategies and ideas that work along with unparalleled service.

How It Works

Start Taking Control!

Stop hoping and praying and take control of your reputation today! Set yourself apart from the competition and build social proof that you are the top business or person to work with. The system works! With just a little effort, you can yield extraordinary results that pay dividends for years to come. Best of all, it won't break the bank. This system is VERY affordable and at it's price point, it is a no brainer. Get in touch with us today and lets get started on building the reputation you deserve!

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